1. Anonymous asked: can i bid $120?



  2. Anonymous asked: sold! naw jk i have $80. its for a friend. His birthday is coming up so.. yeah..

    I’m not selling sorry!


  3. Anonymous asked: how much are you willing to sell good vibes for?



  4. Anonymous asked: do you have the william bonney vinyl?

    Yes, both the EP and the split with Droughts.

  5. Things I do when I can’t sleep. All the Tiny Engines 1st press starburst variants.

  6. Direct Effect - Sunburn

    1st Pressing - Yellow w/ Red + Blue Starburst /100

    Tiny Engines

  7. Somos - Temple of Plenty

    1st Pressing - Yellow w/ Blue & Orange Starburst /105

    Tiny Engines

  8. Diamond Youth - Shake

    1st Pressing - Yellow /100


  9. Glocca Morra / Summer Vacation - Split 7”

    1st Pressing - Coke Bottle Clear /100


  10. You Blew It! - Keep Doing What You’re Doing

    1st Pressing - Yellow w/ Green Splatter /100